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Books on Bears


A Shadow in the Forest: Idaho's Black Bear (Northwest Naturalist Books)
A Zookeeper Looks at Bears (Zookeeper Series)
Alaska Bear Tales
Alaska's Bears (Alaska Geographic)
Alaska's Bears: Grizzlies, Black Bears, and Polar Bears (Alaska Pocket Guides)
All About Bears
All About Bears (Voyages)
AMAZING BEARS (Eyewitness Juniors)
American Bears : Selections from the Writings of Theodore Roosevelt
Among Grizzlies : Living with Wild Bears in Alaska
Among the Bears: Raising Orphaned Cubs in the Wild
An Identification Guide to Cat Breeds
Arctic Foxes 2006 Calendar
Baby Bears (Look-Look)
Baby Bears and How They Grow (Books for Young Explorers)
Backcountry Bear Basics: The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters
Basic Mountain Safety: From A to Z (Recreation Superguides)
Bear (Animals in the Wild Series)
Bear (Creatures of the Wild)
Bear (Life Story)
Bear (Reaktion Books - Animal)
Bear Attacks
Bear Attacks of the Century : True Stories of Courage and Survival
Bear Attacks: Myth & Reality
Bear Attacks: The Deadly Truth
Bear Aware, 2nd
Bear Aware, 3rd (Kestrel)
Bear Cubs (A Baby Animal Pop-Up)
Bear Encounter Survival Guide
Bear Encounters
Bear in Mind: The California Grizzly
Bear Tales for the Ages: From Alaska and Beyond
Bear Tales from the Canadian Rockies
Bear vs. Man: Recent Attacks and How to Avoid the Increasing Danger
Bear: A Celebration of Power and Beauty
Bear: Baiting & Trapping Black Bear
Bear: The Ultimate Artist's Reference
Bears (Altitude Superguides (Paperback))
Bears (Animal Board Books)
Bears (Animal Families)
Bears (Endangered)
Bears (North American Animal Discovery Library)
Bears (Now I Know)
Bears (Oxford Scientific Films)
Bears (Picture library)
Bears (Wild Guide Series)
Bears : Nature's Window (Nature's Window)
Bears 1999
Bears 2002
Bears 2003 Calendar
Bears 2004 Calendar
Bears 2006 Calendar
Bears and Other Top Predators
Bears and Pandas (Leaders, Series 737)
Bears in the Wild (Audubon Readers Series: No. 6)
Bears Life in the Wild (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)
Bears of Alaska
Bears of the World
Bears of the World (Worldlife Discovery Guides (Hardcover))
Bears, Bears, and More Bears
Bears, Big and Little (Young Discovery Library)
Bears: A Portrait of the Animal World (Portraits of the Animal World)
Bears: A Year in the Life
Bears: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation
Bears: Monarchs of the Northern Wilderness
Bears: Rulers of the Wilderness
Beauty Within the Beast: Kinship With Bears in the Alaska Wilderness
Black Bear
Black Bear Country
Black Bear Reflections
Black bear: Seasons in the wild
Black Bears: The Wild Within (Northword Wildlife Series)
Cal 99 Grizzlies Calendar
California Grizzly
Chocolate Legs: Sweet Mother Savage Killer?
Death in the Grizzly Maze : The Timothy Treadwell Story
Ecology and Behaviour of North American Black Bears : Home Ranges, Habitat and Social Organization (Chapman & Hall Wildlife Ecology and Behaviour Series, 4)
Field Guide to the Grizzly Bear (Sasquatch Field Guide Series)
Fortress of the Grizzlies: The Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary
Ghost Grizzlies
Ghost Grizzlies: Does the Great Bear Still Haunt Colorado?
Giant Panda: Habitats, Life Cycles, Food Chains, Threats (Multicultural Stories)
Giant Pandas 2003
Giving Voice to Bear : North American Indian Myths, Rituals, and Images of the Bear
Great Bear Adventures: True Tales from the Wild (Worldlife Discovery Guides (Paperback))
Great Bear Almanac
Great Bears
Great Bears 2002 Calendar
Great Montana Bear Stories
Great Wyoming Bear Stories
Grizzlies 2004 Calendar
Grizzlies and White Guys: The Stories of Clayton Mack
Grizzlies in the Wild
Grizzlies in Their Backyard
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear Story
Grizzly Bears
Grizzly Bears (Untamed World)
Grizzly Bears (World Life Library)
Grizzly Bears 2006 Calendar
Grizzly Bears: An Illustrated Field Guide
Grizzly Country
Grizzly Cub: Five Years in the Life of a Bear
Grizzly Kingdom : An Artist's Encounter
Grizzly Reflections
"Grizzly Seasons (run-on for Firefly">and Hutchinson UK) : Life with the Brown Bears of Kamchatka
Grizzly Years : In Search of the American Wilderness
Grizzly: Wilderness Legend (Northword Wildlife Series)
Grrrrr: A Collection Of Poems About Bears
Here Come the Bears
Hiking in Bear Country
Hunted: A True Story of Survival
I Love the Cubs Coloring Book
In the Path of the Grizzly (Western Horizons)
Journeys With the Ice Bear
Just Bears
Killer Bears
Last Grizzly and Other Southwestern Bear Stories
Learning to Talk Bear: So Bears Can Listen
Let's Look at Bears (Let's Look at Series)
Lewis and Clark among the Grizzlies: Legend and Legacy in the American West
Ling Ling: The Most Beautiful Giant Panda in the World
Lives of Grizzlies: Alaska
Los Osos (Los Animales)
Magnificent Bears of North America: . . . And Where to Find Them
Mark of the Bear
Mark of the Grizzly: True Stories of Recent Bear Attacks and the Hard Lessons Learned
Meet Mr Grizzly: A Saga on the Passing of the Grizzly Bear
Monarch of Deadman Bay: The Life and Death of a Kodiak Bear
Monarch the Big Bear
More Alaska Bear Tales
Mountain Bears
Mountain Grizzly
Nanoq: Flat Out And Bluesome: A Cultural Life of Polar Bears
Nanuck the Polar Bear (Zoo Babies)
Night of the Grizzlies
No Room for Bears: A Wilderness Writer's Experiences With a Threatened Breed
On the Trail of Bears (Barron's Nature Travel Guides)
On the Trail of Big Cats (On the Trail Series)
On the Wings of a North Wind : A Journey With Waterfowl
Osos Polares (Mamifero Marino Series)
Osos/Bears (Stone, Lynn M. North American Animal Discovery Library.)
Ours Polaires 2003
Ours Polaires 2004
Ours Polaires 2005
Ours Polaires 2006
Outwitting Bears: The Essential Handbook for Living with Bears, Avoiding Encounters, and Preventing Attacks on Anyone Living in Bear Country
Pandas Calendar
Panda's Story
Pandas: A Portrait of the Animal World (Portraits of the Animal World)
Polar Bear
Polar Bear 2004 Calendar
Polar Bear Leaps (Growing Up)
Polar Bear: A Book of Postcards (Book of Postcards)
Polar Bear: Habitats, Life Cycles, Food Chains, Threats (Natural World)
Polar Bears
Polar Bears (Animals, Animals, Animals)
Polar Bears (Worldlife Library)
Polar Bears 2004 Calendar
Polar Bears 2005 Calendar
Polar Bears 2006 Calendar
Polar Bears: Living With the White Bear (Wildlife)
Polar Bears: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Working Meeting of the Iucn
Polar Dance: Born of the North Wind
Proceedings of the Tenth Eastern Workshop on Black Bear Research and Management, 1990
Real Alaska: Finding Our Way in the Wild Country
Ringneck: A Tribute to Pheasants and Pheasant Hunting
River of Bears
Rocks & Minerals: A Portrait of the Natural World (A Portrait of the Natural World)
Safe Travel in Bear Country
Search for the Golden Moon Bear: Science and Adventure in Pursuit of a New Species
Shooting Bears : The Adventures of a Wildlife Photographer
Six Bears Postcards (Small-Format Card Books)
Some Bears Kill
Spirit Bear: Encounters With the White Bear of the Western Rainforest
Summers with the Bears : Six Seasons in the North Woods
Tales of the Grizzly
Teddy Bears (Fun to Draw)
Teddy Bears Go Everywhere
The Bear Family
The Bear Hunter's Century: Profiles from the Golden Age of Bear Hunting
The Bears of Alaska in Life and Legend
The Bears of Yellowstone
The Beast That Walks Like Man : The Story of the Grizzly Bear
The Behaviour of Captive Polar Bears (Ufaw Animal Welfare Research Report)
The Ben Lilly Legend
The Blue Bear: A True Story of Friendship and Discovery in the Alaskan Wild
The Blue Bear: A True Story of Friendship, Tragedy, and Survival in the Alaskan Wilderness
The great American bear
The Great Bear Rainforest: Canada's Forgotten Coast
The Great Bear: Contemporary Writings on the Grizzly
The Great Grizzly
The Grizzlies of Glacier
The Grizzlies of Mount McKinley (Scientific Monographs Series)
The Grizzly (Wildlife, Habits & Habitat.)
The Grizzly Almanac
The GRIZZLY BEAR FAMILY BOOK (Animal Family Book Series)
The Grizzly Bears of Yellowstone: Their Ecology in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, 1959-1992
The Grizzly in the Southwest: Documentary of an Extinction
The Grizzly Maze: Timothy Treadwell's Fatal Obsession with Alaskan Bears
The Koala: Natural History, Conservation and Management
The Lady and the Panda : The True Adventures of the First American Explorer to Bring Back China's Most Exotic Animal
The Lost Grizzlies : A Search for Survivors in the Wilderness of Colorado
The Moon of the Bears (The Thirteen Moons Series)
The Only Good Bear Is a Dead Bear
The Polar Bear
The Polar Bear on the Ice (Animal Habitats)
The Real Winnie: A One-of-a-kind Bear
The Sugar Coated Teddy
The Ultrafit Older Cat
The United States Intervention in North Russia - 1918, 1919: The Polar Bear Odyssey
The Way of the Grizzly
The Way of the Grizzly (Worldlife Discovery Guides (Paperback))
The Well Cat Book : The Classic Comprehensive Handbook of Cat Care
The World of the Polar Bear
Track of the Grizzly
True Bear Stories
True Bear Tales: True Stories from Michigan's Upper Peninsula
True Grizz: Glimpses of Fernie, Stahr, Easy, Dakota, and Other Real Bears in the Modern World
True Stories of Bear Attacks: Who Survived and Why
Two Orphan Cubs
Understanding Michigan Black Bear: The Truth About Bears & Bear Hunting
Walking with Bears: One Man's Relationship with Three Generations of Wild Bears
What Bear Cubs Like to Do (Little Books & Big Bks)
WHERE ARE MY BEARS? (An Audubon Book)
Where the Grizzly Walks: The Future of the Great Bear
Wild Bears of the World (Of the World Series)
World of the Polar Bear
World's Best Recreational Activity Bears
Yellowstone Bear Tales



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