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Books on Rocks and Minerals


1001 Questions Answered About the Mineral Kingdom
A Color Atlas of Carbonate Sediments and Rocks Under the Microscope
A Field Guide to Australian Opals
A Field Guide to Fossils of Texas (Gulf Publishing Field Guide Series)
A Field Guide to Geology: Eastern North America
A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals (Peterson Field Guide Series, 7)
A Photographic Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils (Photographic Guides)
Active Lavas: Monitoring and Modelling
Alkaline Igneous Rocks (Geological Society Special Publication)
Alkaline Rocks
An Illustrated Guide to Rocks & Minerals
An introduction to the chemistry of rocks and minerals (Studies in chemistry
An introduction to the practical study of crystals, minerals, and rocks
An Introduction to the Study of Rocks in Thin Section
Anorthosites (Minerals and Rocks)
Applied Sedimentology
Argillaceous Rock Atlas
Atlas and Data of Solid-Solution Equilibria of Marine Evaporites
Atlas of Deformational and Metamorphic Rock Fabrics
Atlas of Metamorphic-Metasomatic Textures and Processes
Atlas of Mineral Resources of the Escap Region: Lao People's Democratic Republic : Explanatory Brochure/Includes Geological and Mineral Resource Map
Basalts and Phase Diagrams: An Introduction to the Quantitative Use of Phase Diagrams in Igneous Petrology
Basic Analytical Petrology
Basin Analysis: Principles and Applications
Beneath our Feet : The Rocks of Planet Earth
Big Rocks, Little Rocks
Biolaminated Deposits (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, Vol 9)
Boninites : And related rocks
Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks, 1991
Breccias and Coarse Fragmentites
Calcretes (Computer Science Texts)
California Serpentines: Flora, Vegetation, Geology, Soils, and Management Problems (University of California Publications in Botany)
Canyon Country Geology for the Layman and Rockhound (Canyon Country)
Carbonate Cementation in Sandstones: Distribution Patterns and Geochemical Evolution (Special Publication Number 26 of the International Associati)
Carbonate Cements (Special Publication (Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists))
Carbonate Diagenesis and Porosity (Developments in Sedimentology)
Carbonate Microfabrics (Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology)
Carbonate Ramps (Geological Society Special Publication)
Carbonate Rock Depositional Models: A Microfacies Approach (Prentice Hall advanced reference series)
Carbonate Sedimentology
Carbonatite Volcanism: Oldoinyo Lengai and the Petrogenesis of Natrocarbonatites (I a V C E I Proceedings in Volcanology)
Carbonatites: Genesis and Evolution
Care and Conservation of Geological Material : Minerals, Rocks, Meteorites and Lunar Finds (Butterworth - Heinemann Series in Conservation and Museology)
Carolina Rocks!: The Geology of South Carolina
Carved Jade of Ancient China
Catalogue of the Rock Collections in the British Museum (Natural History). (Publication)
Cathodoluminescence in Geosciences
Chalk: Proceedings
Changing Pacific Forests: Historical Perspectives on the Forest Economy of the Pacific Basin
Chemical Methods of Rock Analysis (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engin)
Chemical Petrology: With Applications to the Terrestrial Planets and Meteorites
Cherts of Southern Ontario
City Rocks, City Blocks and the Moon
Clays, Muds, and Shales (Developments in Sedimentology)
Coated Grains
Collecting Gems & Minerals: Hold the Treasures of the Earth in the Palm of Your Hand
Colorado Rockhounding: A Guide to Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils (Rock Collecting)
Common Rocks and Minerals of Missouri
Compressibility of Sandstones (Developments in Petroleum Science, 29)
Continental Flood Basalts (Petrology and Structural Geology)
Controls on Carbonate Platform and Basin Development: Based on a Symposium (Special Publication (Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists))
Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms (Aapg Memoir)
Crystalline Plasticity and Solid State Flow in Metamorphic Rocks (Selected Topics in Geological Sciences)
Crystallization of magma (Concepts in introductory geology)
Depositional Systems
Descubre Rocas y Minerales (Descubre)
Developments in Petrophysics (Geological Society Special Publication)
Developments in Sedimentary Provenance Studies (Geological Society Special Publication)
Devonian-Early Mississippian Carbonates of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: A Sequence Stratigraphic Framework (S E P M Short Course Notes)
Diagenesis and Basin Development (Aapg Studies in Geology)
Diagenesis in Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks (Diagenesis in Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks)
Diagenesis, III (Developments in Sedimentology)
Diagenesis, IV (Developments in Sedimentology)
Diagenetic Models and Their Implementation : Modelling Transport and Reactions in Aquatic Sediments
Diamond : A Journey to the Heart of an Obsession
Diamonds and Diamond Grading
Diamonds, Love, and Compatibility: So You Think You'Ve Got a Gem
Diamonds, Third Edition (Ward, Fred, Gem Book Series.)
Diamonds: From Birth to Eternity
Diamonds: Know What You Are Buying & Selling
Dictionary of Gems and Gemology
Dictionary of Rocks
Discover Nature in the Rocks: Things to Know and Things to Do (Discover Nature Series)
Discover Rocks and Minerals (Discover)
Dispersion in Heterogeneous Geological Formations
Diving and Digging for Gold (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting)
DK Handbooks: Gemstones
DK Handbooks: Rocks & Minerals
Duluth Complex & Associated Rocks of the Midcontinent Rift System (Field Trip Guidebook)
Earth Resources (Prentice-Hall Foundations of Earth Science Series)
Earth Treasures : The Southwestern Quadrant (Volume 4A)
Earth Treasures: The Northeastern Quadrant : Connecticut, Delaware, Ilunois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, ... York, oh (Earth Treasures (Back in Print))
Earth Treasures: The Northeastern Quadrant, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hempshire, New J (Earth Treasures (HarperCollins))
Earth Treasures: The Northwestern Quadrant : Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming (Earth Treasures (Back in Print))
Earth Treasures: The Southeastern Quadrant : Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carlolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia (Earth Treasures (Back in Print))
Earth Treasures: The Southeastern Quadrant, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, an (Earth Treasures (HarperCollins))
Eastern North America Mesozoic Magmatism (Special Paper, No. 268)
Eclogite Facies Rocks
Eclogites and Eclogite Facies Rocks (Developments in Petrology)
Emeralds (Fred Ward Gem Books)
Enclaves and Granite Petrology (Developments in Petrology)
Encyclopedia of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones
Encyclopedia of Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences) (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series)
Energy and Mineral Potential of the Central American-Caribbean Region (Earth Science Series)
Environmental Interactions of Clays: Clays and the Environment (Clays and the Environment)
Eocene and Oligocene Paleosols of Central Oregon (Special Papers (Geological Society of America), 344.)
Equilibrium and Kinetics in Contact Metamorphism: The Ballachulish Igneous Complex and Its Aureole
Evaporite Basins (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, 13)
Evaporite Deposits
Evaporites and Hydrocarbons
Evaporites: Their Evolution and Economics
Explore the World of Rocks
Explore Your World: Rocks and Minerals (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
Fee Mining and Rockhounding Adventures in the West (Rock Collecting)
Felsic Plutonic Rocks and Associated Mineralization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Field Collecting Gemstones and Minerals
Field Geology of High-Grade Gneiss Terrains
Field Guide to Gold, Gemstone & Mineral Sites of British Columbia, Vol. 1 :Vancouver Island (Field Guide to Gold. Gemstone & Mineral Sites of British Col)
Fifth Hutton Symposium: The Origin of Granites And Related Rocks (Special Papers (Geological Society of America), 389.)
Firefly Guide to Gems (Firefly Guide)
Flow and Reactions in Permeable Rocks
Fluid-Rock Interactions During Metamorphism (Advances in Physical Geochemistry, Vol 5)
Fluvial Sedimentology VII (Special Publication ... of the International Association of Sedimentologists)
Formation of Hydrocarbon Deposits in the Northern African Basins: Geological and Geochemical Conditions
Fossils Minerals Rocks
Fossils: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
Fracture Mechanics of Rock (Academic Press Geology Series)
Fuchtbauer Sedimentsv2p1
Future Challenges for the U.S. Geological Survey's Mineral Resources Program
Gem Trails of Colorado
Gem Trails of Nevada (Gem Trails)
Gem Trails of New Mexico (Revised ed)
Gem Trails of Southern California
Gem Trails of Texas (Gem Trails)
Gems and Crystals : From the American Museum of Natural History (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
Gems: The World's Greatest Treasures and Their Stories
Gemstones & Minerals of Australia (Nature Guides (Reed New Holland))
Gemstones (Smithsonian Handbooks)
Gemstones of North America (V. 3: Gemstones of the World Series)
Gemstones of the World: American Collectibles Network Edition
Gemstones: Beauty, Lore & Fascination
Geochemical Self-Organization (Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics)
Geochemistry and Geochronology of Middle Tertiary Volcanic Rocks of the Central Chiricahua Mountains
Geochemistry of Sedimentary Carbonates
Geochemistry of Sedimentary Ore Deposits
Geochemistry, Groundwater & Pollution
Geological Applications of Wireline Logs II (Geological Society Special Publication)
Geology (Pocket Naturalist)
Geology of Carbonatite-Alkalic Rock Complexes in Ontario: James Bay Lowlands, Districts of Cochrane and Kenora (Ontario Geological Survey Study,)
Geology of the Prince Albert Group in Parts of Walker Lake and Laughland Lake Map Areas, District of (Bulletin)
Geology of Tin Deposits in Asia and the Pacific: Selected Papers from the International Symposium on the Geology of Tin Deposits Held in Nanning, Chi
Globalization and the Race for Resources (Themes in Global Social Change)
Gorda Ridge: A Seafloor Spreading Center in the United States' Exclusive Economic Zone : Proceedings of the Gorda Ridge Symposium May 11-13, 1987, Po
Granite: From Segregation of Melt to Emplacement Fabrics (Petrology and Structural Geology)
Granitoid Rocks (Topics in the Earth Sciences)
Granulation and Crustal Evolution (Nato Science Series C:)
Green Marine Clays (Developments in Sedimentology)
Greenhorn's Guide to Gold Panning
Guide To Minerals, Rocks & Fossils
Guide to Rocks and Minerals of the Northwest (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
Handbook of Engraved Gems
Handbook of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones
Handy Pocket Guide to Asian Gemstones (Peroplus Nature Guides)
High-Temperature Metamorphism and Crustal Anatexis (The Mineralogical Society Series)
Hoffman's Rockhound Guide: Includes How to Pan for Gold
Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization: Geologic Framework and Flow Unit Modeling (Sepm Short Course Notes
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (International Series in the Earth Sciences)
Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks under the Microscope : Classification, textures, microstructures and mineral preferred orientation
Igneous Petrology
Igneous petrology (McGraw-Hill international series in the earth and planetary sciences)
Igneous Petrology (Studies in Organic Chemistry)
Igneous Rocks
Igneous Rocks of South-West England (The Geological Conservation Review, Vol 5)
Illustrated Guide to Common Rocks and Their Minerals (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
In Deeper Waters: Photographic Studies of Hawaiian Deep-Sea Habitats and Life-Forms
Industrial Minerals and Rocks (Developments in Economic Geology, No. 18)
Instant Guide to Rocks and Minerals (Instant Guides)
Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, An
Introduction to Minerals and Rocks
Iowa's Minerals: Their Occurrence, Origins, Industries, and Lore (Bur Oak Original)
Isotopic Signatures and Sedimentary Records (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences)
Kimberlites and Their Xenoliths (Minerals and Rocks)
Kimberlites, Orangeites, and Related Rocks (Language of Science)
Kimberlites: Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Petrology
Kinetik Gesteins- Und Mineralbildender Prozesse Abschlubbericht Zum Schwerpunktprogramm Der Deutschen (Mitteilung XIX der Senatskommission für Geowissenschaftliche Gemeinschaftsforschung)
Laboratory Handbook of Petrographic Techniques
Lacustrine Reservoirs and Depositional Systems: Sepm Core Workshop No. 19, Denver, June 12, 1994
Large Igneous Provinces: Continental, Oceanic, and Planetary Flood Volcanism (Geophysical Monograph)
Low-Grade Metamorphism
Low-Grade Metamorphism of Mafic Rocks (Special Paper (Geological Society of America))
Magmas and Magmatic Rocks: An Introduction to Igneous Petrology
Magmatic Sulfide Deposits (Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics, No 14)
Magmatism at a plate edge: The Peruvian Andes
Magmatism in Extensional Structural Settings: The Phanerozoic African Plate
Mantle Metasomatism (Academic Press Geology Series)
Mantle Metasomatism and Alkaline Magmatism (Special Paper, No 215)
Manual of Carbonate Sedimentology: A Lexicographical Approach
Manual of Field Geology.
Marine Minerals : Advances in Research and Resource Assessment (NATO Science Series C:)
Marine Minerals in Exclusive Economic Zones (Topics in the Earth Sciences)
Metamorphic Petrology
Metamorphic Petrology (McGraw-Hill International Series in the Earth and Planetary)
Metamorphic Phase Equilibria and Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths (Monograph (Mineralogical Society of America).)
Metamorphic processes: Reactions and microstructure development
Metamorphic Reactions: Kinetics, Textures and Deformation (Advances in Physical Geochemistry, Vol 4)
Metamorphism and metamorphic belts
Methods of Placer Mining (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting)
Microfacies Analysis of Limestone
Microtextures of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks (Petrology and Structural Geology)
Midwest Gem, Fossil and Mineral Trails: Great Lakes States
Mineral Collector's Handbook
Mineral Deposits of Europe: Northwest Europe (Mineral Deposits of Europe, Vol 1)
Mineral Deposits of the Alps and of the Alpine Epoch in Europe: Proceedings of the Iv. Ismida, Berchtesgaden, October 4-10, 1981 (Special Publication ... ... Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, No. 3.)
Mineral Deposits of the World (Developments in Economic Geology)
Mineral Deposits Within the European Community (Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, Special Publication, No 6)
Mineral Nutrition of Plants: Principles and Perspectives
Mineralization in the British Isles
Minerals (A Firefly Guide)
Minerals and Gems From The American Museum of Natural History
Minerals of Arizona: A Field Guide for Collectors (Rock Collecting)
Minerals of New Mexico Rev/E
Minerals of Scotland: Past and Present
Minerals of the World
Minerals of the World (Princeton Field Guides)
Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils (Wiley Self Teaching Guides)
Mining History And Geology Of Joshua Tree National Park: San Bernardino And Riverside Counties, California
Mixed Carbonate-Siliclastic Sequences (Sepm Core Workshop, No 15)
Modern Igneous Petrology
N. L. Bowen & Crystallization-Differentiation: The Evolution of a Theory (Monograph Series Volume 4)
National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals (Audubon Society Field Guide)
National Audubon Society Pocket Guide to Familiar Rocks and Minerals (Audubon Society Pocket Guides)
Nature of Earth Materials
Navajo Sandstone A Canyon Country Enigma (Canyon Country Series, 55)
New Mexico Rockhounding: A Guide to Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils (Rock Collecting)
New Mexico Rocks and Minerals (Rock Collecting)
Nonlinear Dynamics And Fractals: New Numerical Techniques for Sedimentary Data (Sepm Short Course Notes)
Nordic Stone (Geological Science Series)
Northwest Treasure Hunter's Gem & Mineral Guide
Nutrient Management for Sustainable Crop Production in Asia (Cab International Publication)
Ophiolite Concept and the Evolution of Geological Thought (Special Paper (Geological Society of America))
Ophiolite Genesis and Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere (Petrology and Structural Geology)
Ophiolites and Oceanic Crust: New Insights from Field Studies and the Ocean Drilling Program (Special Paper (Geological Society of America))
Ore-Bearing Granite Systems: Petrogenesis and Mineralizing Processes (Special Paper/Geological Society of America, No 246)
Oregon Gold and Gems Maps
Organic Matter Accumulation: The Organic Cyclicities of the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Yorkshire, Gb and the Recent Maar Sediments)
Origins of Igneous Layering (Nato Science Series C:)
Our Finite Mineral Resources (McGraw-Hill earth science paperback series)
Palaeomagnetism & Diagenesis in Sediments (Geological Society Special Publication)
Petrogenesis and Experimental Petrology of Granitic Rocks (Minerals and Rocks, Vol 22)
Petroleum and Basin Evolution : Insights from Petroleum Geochemistry, Geology and Basin Modeling
Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics
Petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks (International series in the earth and planetary sciences)
Petrology of Lamproites
Petrology of Metamorphic Rocks (Studies in Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks
Petrology of the Metamorphic Rocks
Petrology of the Sedimentary Rocks (Textbook of Petrology, Vol 2)
Petrology: The Study of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks
Phanerozoic Phosphorite Depositional Systems: A Dynamic Model for a Sedimentary Resource System (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences)
Phanerozoic Stromatolites II
Physical Chemistry of Magmas (Advances in Physical Geochemistry)
Physical Properties of Rocks and Minerals (Cindas Data Series on Material Properties, Vol II-2)
Physical Properties of Rocks: Fundamentals and Principles of Petrophysics
Placer Gold Deposits of New Mexico (Original Geological Survey Bulletins)
Placer Gold: Deposits of Utah (Original Geological Survey Bulletins)
Pliocene Carbonates and Related Facies Flanking the Gulf of California, Baja California, Mexico (Special Papers (Geological Society of America), 318.)
Potassic Igneous Rocks and Associated Gold-Copper Mineralization
Primary Silver Availability: Market Economy Countries, a Minerals Availability Appraisal
Principles of chemical sedimentology (McGraw-Hill international series in the earth and planetary sciences)
Principles of Igneous Petrology
Principles of Sedimentology
Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (3rd Edition)
Procedures in Sedimentary Petrology
Progress in Metamorphic and Magmatic Petrology : A Memorial Volume in Honour of D. S. Korzhinskiy
Properties and Growth of Diamond (E M I S Datareviews Series)
Properties of Liquid & Solid Helium
Pyroclastic Rocks
Quantitative Data File for Ore Minerals
Quartz Cementation in Sandstones
Ratio correlation
Ravich Antarctic
Recyclingplas Vi-Conference: Plastics Recycling As a Future Business Opportunity : Proceedings Technology Exchange Program : May 22-23, 1991 at the
Reservoir Sandstones
Roadside Geology of Northern California (Roadside Geology Series)
Rocas Alijos (Monographiae Biologicae)
Rock and Gem
Rock and Mineral
Rock Coatings (Developments in Earth Surface Processes)
Rock Hunters Guide: How to Find and Identify Collectible Rocks
Rock Hunting in Texas: Where to Go and What to Look For!
Rock Physics & Phase Relations: A Handbook of Physical Constants (Agu Reference Shelf, 3)
Rock Pickers Guide to Lake Superior's North Shore (North Woods Naturalist Guides)
Rock Type Classification for the Nz Land Resource Inventory (Dsir Land Resources Scientific Report,)
Rockhounding California
Rockhounding Colorado
Rockhounding Montana
Rockhounding Nevada
Rockhounding Texas (Rockhounding Series)
Rockhounding Wyoming
Rockhound's Guide to Arizona (Falcon Guidebook Series)
Rockhounds Guide to New Mexico (Falcon Guide)
Rocks & Fossils
Rocks & Fossils (Nature Company Guides)
Rocks & Fossils: A Visual Guide (Visual Guides)
Rocks & Minerals (Spotter's Guides Series)
Rocks & Minerals : An Explore Your World Handbook
Rocks & Minerals: A Portrait of the Natural World (Portraits of the Natural World)
Rocks and Minerals
Rocks and Minerals (Collins Wild Guide) (Collins Wild Guide)
Rocks and Minerals (Explore and Discover)
Rocks and Minerals (Golden Guide)
Rocks and Minerals (Macmillan Field Guide)
Rocks and Minerals (Matter-Of-Fact Book)
Rocks and Minerals (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies)
Rocks and Minerals (Scholastic Science Readers)
Rocks and Minerals : A Golden Photo Guide from St. Martin's Press (Golden Photo Guide from St. Martin's Press)
Rocks and Minerals for the Collector
Rocks and Minerals Nature Fact Book
Rocks and Minerals of California (Rock Collecting)
Rocks for Raiders
Rocks from Space: Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters
Rocks, Crystals & Minerals: Complete Identifier (Complete Identifier)
Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs (Nature Companion Series)
Rocks, Gems and Minerals : Revised and Updated (A Golden Guide from St. Martin's Press)
Rocks, Minerals & Fossils of the World
Rocks: A Lab Manual
S AND S ROCKS (Fireside Books (Holiday House))
Sand and Sandstone
Sandstone Diagenesis: Recent and Ancient (Reprint Series ... of the International Association of Sedimentologists, V. 4.)
Science-Hobby Book of Rocks and Minerals
Sedimentary Facies Analysis: A Tribute to the Research and Teaching of Harold G. Reading (Special Publication of the International Association of Sedimentologists)
Sedimentary Petrology
Sedimentary Petrology: An Introduction to the Origin of Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks (Benchmark papers in geology
Sedimentology & Thermal-Mechanical History of Basins in the Central Appalachian Orogen (Sedimentology & Thermal-Mechanical History of Basins in the)
Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Dolostones (Special Publication (Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists))
Sedimentology and Sedimentary Basins: From Turbulence to Tectonics
Sedimentology of Shale: Study Guide and Reference Source
Sediments and Environmental Geochemistry: Selected Aspects and Case Histories
Sequence Stratigraphy Applications to Shelf Sandstone Reservoirs: Outcrop to Subsurface Examples (Field Conference Sept 21-38 1991 Series)
Serpentinites: Records of Tectonic and Petrological History (Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics)
Shales and Mudstones
Shells of Hawaii
Silica, Some Silicates, Coal Dust and Para-Aramid Fibrils (Iarc Monographs No. 68)
Silica: The Forgotten Nutrient
Siliceous Deposits of the Tethys and Pacific Regions
Siliciclastic Diagenesis And Fluid Flow: Concepts & Applications (Nolpe Monograph Series)
Soils of the Past: An Introduction to Paleopedology
South of Seattle: Notes on Life in the Northwest Woods
Stone by Stone : The Magnificent History in New England's Stone Walls
Stone Country
Stones & Minerals: Minerals, Precious Stones, Rocks, Ores
Stones: Art & Tech (Series of Books in Geology)
Story of the Gems
Structure and Properties of Silicate Melts
Structures of Ophiolites and Dynamics of Oceanic Lithosphere (Petrology and Structural Geology)
Submarine Fans and Related Turbidite Systems (Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology)
Suite Statistics and Sediment History: Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium on Coastal Sedimentology, 4 April, 1986, Memphis, Tennessee
Systematics of Fluid Inclusions in Diagenetic Minerals (Schot Course Notes Series : No 31)
Tales of Giant Snakes: A Historical Natural History of Anacondas and Pythons
Tectonosomes and Olistostromes in the Argille Scagliose of the Northern Apennines, Italy (Special Paper (Geological Society of America))
Temporal and Spatial Patterns in Carbonate Platforms (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences)
"Tephra Studies: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute "Tephra Studies As a Tool in Quaternary Research", Held in Laugarvatn and Reykjav?I (Nato ... C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
Texas Rocks and Minerals an Amateurs Guide (Guidebook Series: GB 6)
Textbook of Lithology
The Allure Of Turquoise
The Amber Book: Ake Dahlstrom and Leif Brost (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
The Black Rock Desert (Desert Places)
The Development of Integrated Sea Use Management (Ocean Management and Policy Series)
The Earliest Settlement of Scandinavia and Its Relationship With Neighbouring Areas (Acta Archaeologica Lundensia , No 24)
The Field Description of Sedimentary Rocks (Rock Classes)
The Gem And Mineral Collection Kit: Hold the Treasures of the Earth in the Palm of Your Hand
The Granite Landscape: A Natural History of America's Mountain Domes, from Acadia to Yosemite
The Harvard Black Rock Forest (Sightline Books)
The Henry Holt Guide to Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils
The Indian Ocean: Exploitable Mineral and Petroleum Resources
The Living Earth
The lunar rocks
The Magnetic Anisotropy of Rocks
The Preparation of Thin Sections of Rocks, Minerals, and Ceramics (Royal Microscopical Society Microscopy Handbooks, No 24)
The Rock Book
The Rockhound's Handbook (Rock Collecting)
The Sedimentary Rocks of Devon Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago (Memoir / Geological Survey of Canada)
The Sedimentology of Chalk (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, Vol 54)
The Stone of Heaven : Unearthing the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade
The Tufas Of Pyramid Lake Nevada (U.S. Geological Survey Circular, 1267)
The Yangtze River Collection: Later Chinese Jades
Thermal Modeling of Petroleum Generation: Theory and Applications (Developments in Petroleum Science)
Thermal Properties and Temperature-Related Behavior of Rock/Fluid Systems
Tonsteins: Altered Volcanic-Ash Layers in Coal-Bearing Sequences (Special Paper (Geological Society of America))
Tourmaline: A Monograph
Tropical Gemstones (Periplus Nature Guides)
Tropical Residual Soils (Professional Handbook Series)
Turbidites and Associated Deep-Water Facies (Sepm Core Workshop Notes
Turquoise Unearthed: An Illustrated Guide (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphism (Cambridge Topics in Petrology)
Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism and Geodynamics in Collision-Type Organic Belts: Final Report of the Task Group Iii-6 (1994-1998) of the International ... Lithosphere Program Contribution Number 344)
Ultraviolet Light and Fluorescent Minerals: Understanding, Collecting and Displaying Fluorescent Minerals (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
Unconformities & Porosity in Carbonate Strata (Aapg Memoir Series No 63)
Underwater Minerals (Ocean Science, Resources, and Technology, An International Series)
Viet Nam: Explanatory Brochure/Sales No E.90.Ii.F.10/Includes Separate Mineral Resources Map of Viet Nam (Atlas of Mineral Resources of the Escap Re)
Volcanic Ash (Los Alamos Series in Basic and Applied Sciences)
Volcanism and Tectonism in the Columbia River Flood-Basalt Province (Special Paper, No. 239)
What Happens in My Garden
When Continents Collide : Geodynamics and Geochemistry of Ultrahigh-Pressure Rocks (Petrology and Structural Geology)
When You Find a Rock: A Field Guide
Whole Regolith Pedology: Proceedings of a Symposium Cosponsored by Committee S880, Divisions S-5 and S-9 of the Soil Science Society of America and (S S S a Special Publication, No 34)
Wings for My Flight: The Peregrine Falcons of Chimney Rock
Wonders within Gemstones
World Metal Demand : Trends and Prospects



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